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Women’s Hands

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Women’s Hands” is a homage to those mothers and grandmothers who, despite going unnoticed throughout history, have passed on recipes that are still alive today. Good managers of the household economy, they used what the land offered, depending on the time of year, to prepare simple but very tasty dishes.


With this menu, we want to promote local seasonal products, the ones now called 0 km. Recipes from our grandmothers, recipes that tasted like heaven and that were prepared with lots of love.

Our “Women’s Hands” gastronomic menu is home-made and includes:

  • A little appetiser.
  • Three starters to share.
  • One main course.
  • One home-made dessert.
  • Coffee or tea and a special treat...
  • Digestif or dessert liqueur.
  • Bread.

Option to pair with local drinks: € 15 per person.

Please notice:

  • Only Saturday nights, except holidays or in June, July and August.
  • Minimum two people.
  • This menu is not suitable for people with intolerance to lactose or gluten, or for vegetarians, vegans, etc.
  • Drinks are not included — option to pair for 15 € per person.
  • It is essential to confirm before 5 pm on Saturday.
  • Dinners are served until 9:30 pm. (Start time) Haste trips up its own heels, so take it easy, for yourselves and for us too.
33 € per person