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Cases Noves Warranty


Our cleaning and disinfection protocols will slightly change as they have always been one of our main concerns. Keeping our rooms and shared spaces clean in order to guarantee our guests’ safety has been a crucial aspect since the very beginning. However, we believe that it is important to remind you all these procedures, especially at this time: 


Check-in procedure


Para nosotros este momento es fundamental para empezar a experimentar desde el primer momento Cases Noves. No lo vamos a cambiar, pero por respeto y seguridad hacia nuestros huéspedes, lo haremos con mascarilla y con un lavado y desinfección de manos y por supuesto de todos los objetos que le vamos a entregar al cliente (llaves & iPad). 


Room cleaning procedure


  • The very first thing we will do is to open the windows to air the room.
  • We will empty the bins.
  • We will pick up the dirty clothes and they will be placed in the appropriate container. Our linen is washed in an industrial laundry following all the cleaning and disinfection guidelines according to the type of fabric so as to ensure their sterility. Moreover, working with a large-scale laundry company also ensures that our linen is not touched by anyone, as it is an automated process. You can check the cleaning protocol of Lavandería La Nucía here.
  • Bed covers, as well as all mats will be changed every time we welcome new guests.
  • The same applies to pillow covers.
  • All surfaces that can be easily touched will be thoroughly cleaned, such as door and window handles, remote controls, plugs, etc.
  • The bathroom will be thoroughly cleaned using fungicide, as well as other objects such as the mirror, hairdryer, straighteners, etc.
  • After cleaning all surfaces, windows will be closed and the floor will be mopped. Finally, we will proceed to disinfect the room using an Ozone disinfection system. The air conditioning will be working during this process in order to ensure that this machine is also properly disinfected. Four minutes will be enough time to ensure that there is not any bacteria or virus left in the room.  


Our shared spaces


Our shared spaces will remain open as usual, as they are spacious enough to ensure social distancing among guests. For those who do not know Cases Noves yet, it is important to mention that we have a maximum capacity of 5 rooms (10 people) and we are provided with a TV room, music room, chimney room, reading room, dining room and terrace.

All those objects that can be easily touched by people will be frequently disinfected. Moreover, we will provide our guests with hand sanitiser in all rooms.


Dinner service


We will maintain our dinner service with some minor changes. Guests will still be able to choose between the menu of the day or eating à la carte using the iPads that will be provided during the check-in. Therefore, you won’t have to touch any physical menu when you sit on the table, as we would already know what you would like to have for dinner. Remember to book your dinner before 19:00h. Our dining room and terrace are spacious enough to ensure the social distancing between guests. All table linens (washed and disinfected by our partner Lavandería La Nucía), as well as silverware and flatware will have been washed and disinfected before your dinner.


Additional measures recommended by the public body


We believe that it is important to let you know that some elements have been removed in order to comply with the regulations established by the public body:


  • We will remove one of the bins in the room in order to throw all waste in the same bin.
  • We will reduce the number of bathroom amenities. Only the essential ones will be provided. Should you need anything else, feel free to ask us (shower cap, shoeshine, comb, toothbrush, etc.)
  • We will remove extra pillows and cushions from the rooms, as well as extra blankets. If you wish to have them, please speak to us.
  • We have an infrared thermometer and masks available for our guests.


These actions as well as the ones mentioned above have been previously validated and compared to the official protocol of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, in its document developed by the Institute for the Quality of Spanish Tourism (ICTE), as regards boutique hotels. You can read the official documents here.


Other aspects that we keep in mind


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Tables Condiments Hydro-massage shower column Coffee machine Tumble driers  
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