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Maps for hiking & mountain bike

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In our boutique hotel in Spain, Little hotel in Spain, Cases Noves in Guadalest (Alicante), we sell topographic maps of Guadalest Valley and Sierra de Aitana, fully updated and designed exclusively for hiking and mountain bike, with proposed routes. In Cases Noves, we are very knowledgeable about our area and inform you about hiking, mountain biking and climbing areas.

How I can get a good map of the Guadalest Valley & the Aitana range mountains?

  • You can buy in our little hotel in Spain, Cases Noves.
  • They are perfect for hiking, mountain biking and climbing.
  • The maps have marked trails and climbing areas.
  • Are fully updated as of 2010.
  • The study of these maps has been made by people in our area, so there are not mistakes.
  • Scale 1:50.000

Important to consider:

  • You can only can buy if you stay in our boutique hotel in Spain, Cases Noves.