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The Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum

What can you visit?

This new museum in Guadalest recently opened, located opposite the Tourist Information Office, leaves no one indifferent, and say this because, when you go for the first time, you not only impressed by the amount of salt and pepper shakers, what astonishes the visitor is the imagination of man. It is artistic creations may seem insignificant in our house, but marvel when you spend a second of attention.

The Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum

As Andrea Ludden says, owner of the museum in Guadalest salt and pepper shakers, the most attractive and admirable is the creativity of the craftsmen who have done some simple salt and pepper containers, true works of art. And, after more than 20 years of collecting, Andrea decided to choose Guadalest to show her exposure.

We're talking more than 20,000 pieces that have been carefully cataloged and arranged to captivate the viewer's eyes. There are animals of all kinds (bulls, donkeys, birds, dogs, chickens, crabs ,...), Christmas decorations, salt and pepper shakers classified in groups by colors, materials, ancient and modern, small,  miniature and large, magnetic, mobile, in the form of stuffed animals, houses, ...

There is so much and so varied that really focus on each of them is going to be almost impossible, so we recommend you visit leisurely and enjoy the power of man's imagination to create something as simple yet as beautiful as can be a simple salt and pepper shaker.

Ahh! We almost forgot ... Remember before you leave you must to sign in their guestbook, Andrea loves people write their opinions and do not forget to put "your pin" (you'll understand when you end your visit).

Important to consider:

  1. Open daily from 10:30 hrs.
  2. Special discount for Cases Noves clients.